Portraiture that reflects the beauty of our humanity 

A treasure to last a lifetime

I create portraits in pencil, gouache and charcoal, but primarily in egg tempera on a traditional true gesso board. It takes around 4 weeks to complete each tempera painting. For me each portrait represents an expression of the treasure found in a particular moment with a particular person.  

I believe the joy of a portrait should last a lifetime and beyond. It is not disposable or replaceable in the same way that many modern commodities are.  

Please message me if you are interested in purchasing any of my work or for commission enquiries 

Award- winning Art

I strive for excellence and am thankful to have won several Arts Awards, including the American Arts Award, Sky Portrait Artist of the Week, Mary Dugdale Cup, Bradbury Graphics Award, Anna Cheyne, Discerning Eye Regional Prize, RBSA High Commendation. I have also been privileged to have my work selected for some wonderful shows: Royal Ulster Academy; Royal Hibernian Academy; Royal Birmingham Society of Artists; Discerning Eye and the Ulster Society of Women Artists - where it has been purchased for private and public collections.  Please feel free to message me if you would like to know more

"Painted portraits have a life of their own that comes from deep in the soul of the painter and where the machine can't go"   Vincent Van Gogh  


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