Abraham's Stars

Holding on to God's Promises


Have you ever held on to a promise that flies in the face of circumstances?  Abraham did. But God came through for him in the end and did what he said he would do, starting a line of descendants that would outnumber the stars! 


 This book encourages you to hold on in prayer and praise but to wait and seek honestly and without pretence. God is big enough to deal with our doubts, strong enough to hold our despair and faithful enough to pull us through and out the other side. 


Through a series of arresting paintings created through a personal journey of faith and hope, Beverley weaves verses and reflections that leave us encouraged and uplifted with a sense that God may just have touched our hearts.

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" This book has spoken to me in a deeper way than I could ever explain. The amount of times it got me through pain or a sleepless night is hard to count! Through years of suffering with a long term illness I have been reminded to find comfort and purpose in God's promises through these words and pictures, but now in a season of rejoicing it still speaks to me!"       Joy McCann,  Tanzania Bridge of Hope  &  Trinity Nakuru, Kenya

 "The book begins with familiar words from scripture, and then Beverley becomes the psalmist herself and invites us to praise with her...  It's not enough to just read this book. It needs to be used prayerfully. There is a deepness to it.  Whether your journey is hard or difficult, or you just need a reminder of God's love and presence in your life, this book will allow you to hold on to those very promises of God which will be fulfilled, because God is faithful."                            


Richard Ryan - Owner of The Book Well and reviewer UCB Ireland



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